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Our Team

We are made up of a dynamic team of Resurgent Patriots ready and willing to deliver Experiences Without Limitations (EWOL) provided by The GowerPower Foundation. We are always thrilled to welcome new individuals and ideas to our team.

Our Mission

We seek to become the best and most honest, compassionate, self-sustaining and holy nonprofit known to mankind. Our overall desire is to transform one’s understanding of philanthropy and to demonstrate to all that philanthropy is our social responsibility. We will eventually become known as THE accountability partner. 

Our Goals

To provide business and life transformation experiences to individuals with the purpose of providing them a more stable future with long term stability within our organization of Resurgent Patriots. The GowerPower Foundation also joyfully reinvests in other nonprofit organizations with similar beliefs for the betterment of mankind. Together we will transform and enable a positive solution for generations to come.

Help Our Cause

Your generous donation today will fund our mission to contract military veterans and civilians throughout our global organization. Don't forget to return to the site frequently! We will be publishing various EWOL for sale and 100% of the proceeds go to delivering our mission. You are directly impacting our organization in a positive manner when you subscribe to EWOL and you will assist us further in expanding our programs. Thank you for your donation and please considering volunteering. 

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