Corporate Social Responsibility

Bigger than Y2K

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility means organizations must not only seek to maximize shareholder value but must act in a manner that benefits the community as a whole. Both investors and consumers have become increasingly sensitive to returns on investments that are not just profitable but also contribute to the welfare of society and the environment; however, critics argue that the basic nature of business does not consider society as a stakeholder.

The GowerPower Foundation strives to ensure all practices promote an ethical balance between the dual mandates of striving for profitability and benefiting society as a whole. These policies can be either ones of commission (philanthropy - donations of money, time, or resources) or omission (e.g., "Go Green" initiatives like reducing greenhouse gases or abiding by EPA regulations to limit pollution). Many companies, such as those with "green" policies, have made social responsibility an integral part of their business models, and they have done so without compromising profitability. In 2018, Forbes named the top socially responsible companies in the world; topping the list is technology giant Google followed closely by The Walt Disney Company and Lego. We are The Gowerpower Foundation and we will transform the world of philanthropy and set the standard of Corporate Social Responsibility for companies worldwide.