Why Another Nonprofit?

Today, consumers demand businesses be conscious of their social and environmental responsibility. Companies are adopting or ramping up their social programs. Consumers want companies to be transparent about their practices and to be considerate of all stakeholders. 

It is a known fact that many consumers are willing to pay more for clothing and other products if it means that workers are paid a living wage and our environment is respected during the production process. While most agree the planet is worth saving, do businesses and consumers consider community and society as a whole a stakeholder? From our perspective, we have defined the problem. So, what is the remedy?

As The GowerPower Foundation considers the impacts of today’s world on people, profit, the planet and society at large, it continues to transform, educate, advocate and inspire positive impacts through total social responsibility, corporate governance, and reform. The remedy is a social revolution starting with our global network of members known as Resurgent Patriots. Won't you join us? Membership is open to anyone age 18 or older in the United States of America.